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164, Austrina st, Penza
08:00 - 17:30
+7 (8412) 67-90-69, +7 (8412) 67-75-16

Honoured business operator


In 2014 for long term and effective work the owner of factory “SV-Mebel” Mr Steklyannikov Vladimir Mikhailovich was awarded the title “Honoured business operator of Penza region”.
Our factory has been working stably since 1996; we are constantly developing, opening new production departments and storage premises, increasing number of working places and providing people with job stability and high salary.  The owner of the factory always takes care of his employees, there are very comfortable work conditions for his staff and their salary level is much higher than the average salary level in our region.
That is why all staff members of factory “SV-Mebel” are confident in their future and stable salary; they appreciate their work and like what they are producing.

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