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Ecologically safe furniture


We highly recommend our valued customers to take your time while choosing furniture as your choice will influence your health and your kids’ health.

It is important to consider three factors while buying furniture:

  1. Carefully examine thesurface and side plates of products in the store: if the film on the surface is bubbling or you can see a lot of shatters and open spaces on composite particle board and the side plates are not covered by anything this very furniture is highly likely to be unsafe. It is better not to buy such product.
  2. After you have unpacked the furniture please pay attention to smell. Aggressive strong smell of formaldehyde means that the used composite particle board is of bad quality;
  3. Requestcertificates. Ask the manager to present sanitary hygiene report on the back side of which there is the information about standard and practical norms of formaldehyde emission, testing period and certificate validity.
For this purpose please ask for a certificate of quality (certificate of correspondence, declaration) and hygiene report. Be sure the formaldehyde emission data corresponds to state standards and European standards E1 (emission class E2 and above admits more strong emission of substances that  makes bad harm to human health). Emission class E1 is considered to be safe by the state standard for furniture production and is allowed for production of furniture for kids.


Furniture factory “SV-Mebel” pays much attention to ecological and safety aspects of produced products. We do not want that our furniture might cause any disorder with our customers and even worth with kids. That is why we buy composite particle board of the highest quality from the world leader – Austrian company group Egger, that meets not only Russian requirements but also more high European safety standards.

This very composite particle board has European Certificate of Quality that states emission class E1 which is allowed to be used in kids’ furniture production.

Composite particle board producer Egger has initiated its own laboratory investigations, according to these results the present composite particle board has not only lower formaldehyde emission then allowed standard index but it is even twenty times lower!

Factory “SV-Mebel” management initiates annual independent laboratory investigations of composite particle board of Egger and other producers to be 100% sure that our factory uses only ecologically safe material while producing furniture. In 2016 there was such investigation of composite particle board “Egger”. These investigation results showed that this very composite particle board was not higher allowed index at all criteria. Even more independent investigation results were hugely lower then allowed data.

Results of numerous independent laboratory tests confirm that the products of factory “SV-Mebel” is really ecologically clean and safe for human health!
Many other producers of furniture save money on materials and buy cheap composite particle board, not thinking about their customers’ health!

We are taking care both of our customers’ health and environment. We utilize carefully all the wastes from our production process in our own reactor boiler station at the temperature of 1200 degrees that kills all harmful substances. Those materials that can’t be utilized by our facilities (remains of glue, band) are sent to utilizing companies.

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