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Guarantee period is  36 months

Guarantee period of our furniture is 36 months and starts from the moment of its delivery to the customer. Weare confident in our product quality and completely responsible for our working results. Demanding quality control system is implemented at our factory. Components that do not meet the requirements are sorted out at the production process without coming to the customer. It should be pointed out that the owner of the company is constantly controlling all the customers’ requests that is a motivating factor for the staff to produce only high quality furniture.
Unfortunately, sometimes even ata large scale production human mistake might influence the production process. But the reclamation percentage at our factory unlike the other companies is really low: 0.13% from total production volume. In the event of such cases we guarantee that we will change the defective component into the proper one as soon as possible or do the full refund.
Then we will find out the reason of this and will do our best not to have such situations in the future.
One of our advantages is post-guarantee maintenance, due to which our customers can be sure we will definitely help them to solve any problem that might occur with our furniture even after guarantee period has expired.

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