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Holographic defense from forgery

The number of forgeries of “SV-Mebel” factory products has been increased recently. This is shown by the reclamations to our factory on products that were made not by our factory but bearing the name “SV-Mebel”. Such reclamations are coming from different parts of our country that leads to customers miscredit.   Because of this we have implemented the system of holographic defense of “SV-Mebel” factory products. There is our own mark of distinction with unique number on every factory product: brand holographic sticker that helps us to defend our furniture from numerous forgeries.
By the unique number on holographic sticker we can determine at any time in which production department and which work team has made this definite product.
The existence of brand holographic sticker on our furniture is the guarantee that you are buying  genuine high quality factory furniture, produced by dedicated professionals from ecologically safe materials, with high quality and expensive fittings on elite German machine tools; all these factors mean that the factory is absolutely responsible for the product you have bought. In case of any problems all you need is just to provide brand holographic sticker “SV-Mebel” and we will solve all the problems.

The holographic sticker is placed on the left side of every product at the right top corner.

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