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The Canonization of the Blessed Ioanne (Potashev), the elderly monk Kochetovskii

8 october 2018

On the 6th of October 2018 the Divine Liturgy was held in selo Kochetovka Kamenskii district Penza region (the birthplace of the “SV-Mebel” factory owner  Steklyannikov Vladimir Mikhailovich) in front of the church in honor of the Archangel Michael. The liturgical service was about the glorification of the locally venerated of Penza Ioanne Potashev metropolia, the elderly monk Kochtovskii (on the 14th of July 2018 during the Holy Sinod of the Russian Orthodox Church a decision was made about the glorification of Penza locally venerated Ioanne Potashev metropolia, the elderly monk Kochetovskii).
   The mitropolite of Penza and Nizhnii Lomov – Serafim was at the head of the Divine Liturgy, which was held before a vast assembly of people of faith. To the Most Reverend concelebrated the Ardatovskii and Atyashevskii bishop Veniamin, Balashovskii and Rtischevskii bishop Tarasii, Servobskii and Spasskii bishop Mitrofan, Kuznetzkii and Nikolskii bishop Nestor, Schigrovskii and Manturovskii bishop Paisii, and also Penza metropolia priesthood representatives.
    The “SV-Mebel” factory owner Steklyannikov Vladimir Mikhailovich also took part in a such important and festive event. He realized the welfare assistance according to his possibilities for the divine service organization honored to the Canonization of the Blessed Ioanne Kochetovskii. This event became amazing for its scale as the village population itself is 421 people; according to unaccredited source more than 3500 people visited this ceremony, not only from Penza region, but also Nizhnii Novgorod, Tambov, Ulyanovsk regions, The Republic of Mordovia etc.
    At the end of the Devine Service the archbishop Seraphim congratulated on this historical event and addressed to the people of faith with preaching speech. He also thanked the arch pastors and presented them as a pray memory the saint blessed Ioanne Kochetovskii icon with relicts.
   It should be mentioned that the similar event was held in Penza region 17 years ago, the Canonization of Ioanne Olenevskii.
    As motherland patriots we are proud to be at the source of the Archangel Michael church renaissance (s.Kochetovka), doing the groundwork for its construction. Thanks to that it is possible now to conduct such great events.

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