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 To keep and to maintain the furniture in good condition for a long time you are to follow the rules:

  1. Keep safe the furniture surface from the mechanic damage
  2. To prevent board swilling exclude water on the surface of the furniture.
  3. Exclude strong temperature fluctuation. Optimal furniture exploitation temperature is from +10 till +35 C. Higher or lower temperature can cause detaching of banding or PVC foil (if there is MDF component in the item covered with PVC foil). Avoid direct sunlight. Do not put hot things on the surface without heat shield.
  4. To prevent fittings damage (hinges, handles etc.) keep the food acids in the covered containers.
  5. Please clean the furniture surface with a damp cloth and then wipe dry or use specialized care products. It is prohibited to use carboxethyl ester, acetone, petroleum etc.
  6. Clean the front fittings with soft cloth and laundry soap and then wipe dry. Do not use abrasive materials (sandpaper, soda  and others)
  7. Do not impose load more than 30 kg on the surface of the tables, shelves.

 Additional recommendations on maintenance and exploitation of MDF products fronts and “high sheen” fronts:

  1. Avoid high humidity. Positive draft installation in the stove area is recommended.
  2. Exclude close position of illumination or heating tools (not closer than 200mm), and also exclude direct sunlight to prevent the lining coatings colour changing, deformation and exfoliation.
  3. Exclude high temperatures harm from oven, operating stove and heating units.

 Additional recommendations on maintenance and exploitation of photo print picture products.

  1. Exclude even the smallest mechanical attack on the drawing. It is prohibited to use any care product while cleaning that consists of organic solvent and also abrasives.
  2. It is prohibited to put stickery tape on the drawing because the stickery tape traces can be removed only by solvent.

 Additional recommendations on maintenance and exploitation of kitchen counter

  1. Exclude such factors as high humidity, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.
  2. All the exposed edges should be covered before installation by available in the market products, such as water resist glue (silicone sealer), tabletop plinth, and frontal plank.

TO YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! The producer is not responsible for aftereffects in case of violation of established guides and rules on maintenance and exploitation of cabinet furniture.
To prevent large furniture components turnover it is necessary to attach them to the wall. There are no fastening seals in the assemble package, so please get them yourself in a specialized shop. Do not forget there are different fastening seals for different walls.
Dear customers, are you interested in good condition of the wall cabinets, sliding door wardrobes and entrance halls? And do you want your furniture not to lose attractive appearance as long as possible? We can give you some helpful maintenance advice:

  • Use the furniture according to its function and purpose.
  • Do not apply undue exertion while using drawers and folding doors.
  • Front hangers withstand weight from 10 till 15 kg, so please avoid undue exertion.
  • In order to provide balancing load on the surface, place the heavy things on all storage shelf area.

Maximum authorized loading:

  • 16 mm composite particle board cupboards and shelves is 15-20 kg;
  • Glass shelves is up to 5 kg;
  • Drawer bottom is 10-20 kg (depending on the drawer).

Beside general recommendations, it is important to keep various furniture surface maintenance rules:
Laminated chip board furniture does not need any special care. Please avoid mechanic damage and liquid in jointing group, it’s prohibited to put hot things on the surface without heat shield. Clean the dust with soft dry cloth (flannel, plush). To remove different types of pollutions and refresh the furniture surface, please use specialized polish.
It is recommended:
To place decorative moisture sources in the area (houseplants, aquariums and mini-fountains) that will help to avoid the surface cracking from heat.
Glass surfaces need specialized care attention, please remove stains with cotton cloth and special liquid for glass wash. Don’t drop heavy things, avoid soda liquid and sharp surfaces contact, it is prohibited to use abrasive materials and metal-coated fiber.
Sliding door wardrobe:
Roller sliding mechanism provides smooth and quiet door opening and does not need any special care. Lower wheels are moving on special guides (tracks), that are to be regularly vacuum-cleaned (minimum once a month), especially if there are pets in a house.  Maximum authorized working load on roller sliding mechanism is 40 kg.
Keep to these rules and your furniture will serve you for a long time!

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