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 If you want your furniture looked attractive for a long time it is essential to follow a few rules:

  1. Avoid mechanical damages;

  2. Avoid getting water on the surface of the furniture;

  3. Maintain right temperature regime. Optimal temperature lays in the range between +10 and +35 Celsius. Temperature below or above determined range likely causes pealing of edgebanding, PVC wrap, etc. Please avoid direct sunlight. And of course, avoid putting hot things on the surface of the furniture;

  4. Keep food acids sealed to prevent damage to fittings;

  5. Clean the furniture with cloth and special cleaning liquids. Please DO NOT use ether, acetone, petrol/gasoline, etc.

  6. Clean front fittings (handlers etc.) with soapy water and cloth. Remove remain water with a dry cloth afterwards. Please DO NOT use sandpaper, soda, etc.

  7. Please DO NOT apply load of more 30 kg to the furniture elements such as shelves, tables, etc.


Additional recommendations

How to maintain High Gloss MDF and Ultra High Gloss MDF (UHG MDF) furniture.

  1. Avoid high humidity. It would be useful to install an extractor hood.

  2. Avoid exposing furniture to direct sunlight. Please DO NOT place a heater to close to the furniture.

  3. Avoid exposing furniture to high temperatures from an open stove, oven, heaters, etc.


How to maintain furniture with a photo print.

  1. Avoid even the smallest mechanical damages;

  2. Avoid applying any organic solvents to the furniture.

  3. DO NOT apply any adhesive materials or sticky tapes to the furniture because they can be removed only with a solvent.


How to maintain a kitchen worktop.

Avoid exposing kitchen worktops to excessive moisture, extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

All open sides of the kitchen worktop must be sealed with a watertight hermetic or covered with plinth and side covers.


WARNING! The factory is not responsible for consequences in case of violation established rules of maintenance and exploitation of cabinet furniture.


In terms of safety, please secure big furniture elements to the wall. A restrain kit is not included and must be obtain by customers themselves. The restrain kit must be chosen in accordance with material of the wall.

Dear customers, if you want to keep your furniture being in use for a long time and looked decent simply abide by following rules.

  • Use your furniture in accordance with its functions and purpose.

  • DO NOT apply excessive force when opening/closing drawers.

  • DO NOT overload front hangers. Maximum weight for the front hangers is 10-15 kg depends on the model.

  • DO NOT place all load on one side of a shelf. Spread the weight over the whole shelf.


Maximum shelf loading

  • 15-20 kg for 16mm cabinet particle board shelves.

  • 5 kg for glass shelves.

  • 10-20 kg for drawers (depending on the model)


Besides common recommendations there are some specific ones for different types of surfaces.

Laminated particle board furniture does not require any special maintenance. Simply avoid mechanically damaging, excessive moisture at edges, corners and jointing areas, do not put hot objects without protective mats and coasters. Use special furniture cleaners, furniture polishes and soft cloth for cleaning and polishing. It is highly recommended to place decorative moisture sources in the room such as pot plants, aquariums, mini-fountains. They will help to maintain appropriate humidity level in the room.

Glass surfaces require more careful treatment. Use special glass cleaners and soft cloth for removing dust and stains. DO NOT

  • apply brutal force to glass elements;

  • hit glass elements with heavy objects;

  • clean glass elements with soda, any kind of abrasive or steel scrubbers.

Sliding door wardrobe. Wardrobe sliding door kit provides smooth and silent opening and does not require special care. Merely vacuum tracks and wheel at least once a month especially if you have pets. Maximum load on a rolling kit is 40 kg.

Follow those rules and “SV-Mebel” furniture will serve you for a long time!


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